14 Days

Panch Pokhari trekking literal means five ponds trekking. It is not a regular trekking route but that doesn’t mean it does not offer you the trekking thrill you looking for. It greets you with amazing view of himalayas such as Gauri Shankar,Dorje Lakpa,Langtang Himalaya range, Jugal Himalayan range, Rolwaling Himalayan range, Tibetan Himalayan range etc. You will get to know the religious prospect of Panch Pokhari especially among Hindus. The trail offers you the cultural richness equally natural beauty and adventurous trek.

This trek regarded as the less crowded and moderate type of trek with comparison to other regular treks. The trek begins from Chautara after 5-6 hours of drive from Kathmandu. It has the diverse environment as you heading up towards the destination. It is rich in culture, forest, farm land, water falls, villages, hills and many animals. Mountain peaks such as Gauri Shankar, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Himalaya range, Jugal Himal range, Rolwling range etc.

Being the Chautara starting point you trek through Sano Okhareni, Kami Kharka, Pauwa Bas, Hille Bahnjyang, Narsim Pati, Panhc pokhari and we descend to Melamchi a small town from where we can get the local transportation to Kathmandu.

Day 01: Kathmandu [1350m] to Chautara [1450m]
Day 02: Trek to Sano Okhareni [1965m]
Day 03: Trek to Kami Kharka [2810m]
Day 04: Trek to Pauwa Bas [3000m]
Day 05: Trek to Hille Bhanjyang [3400m]
Day 06: Trek to Narsim Pati [3700m]
Day 07: Trek to Panchpokhari [4100m]
Day 08: Trek to Panchpokhari top, trek to Tupi Danda [2320m]
Day 09: Trek to Dhap [1200m]
Day 10: Rest day to explore the culture
Day 11: Trek to Melamchi [800m]
Day 12: Melamchi to Kathmandu


Day 01: Kathmandu to Chautara [1450m]
This morning we have a beautiful 5 hour drive to the little village of Chautara. Chautara is the headquarter of Sindupalchok district and we will camp here tonight, ready to commence our trekking tomorrow.


Day 02: Trek to Sano Okhareni [1965m]
Today we have about 5 hours of gradual uphill walking to reach Sano Okhareni. Our path passes through small villages where we can see how the diverse ethnic groups live together. We camp at Sano Okhareni near a pine forest and with great views to the mountains.


Day 03: Trek to Kami Kharka [2810m]
This morning we start gently with about 1 hour of gradual uphill walking to Thulo Okhareni. From here we get into the steeper climb with about 4 hours of walking through stunning, dense Rhododendron and pine forest. If we are lucky and observant, we might spot some wild animals such as mountain deer or Langur monkeys and birds such as the Danfe, Golden Pheasant etc. Tonight we camp on pasture ground for nomadic cattle herders (kharka).


Day 04: Trek to Pauwa Bas [3000m]

After having breakfast, we have a very gentle hike through lush forest trails having native wildlife and birds. It is a 5 to 6 hours of walking through Rhododendron, oak, pine and juniper forest. We will see some nomadic houses with cattle herd. We can have camp in pilgrim’s shelter in Pauwa Bas.


Day 05: Trek to Hille Bhanjyang [3400m]
This morning we have a steep uphill stretch for about 3 hours, taking our time. We get our breath back on the steep downhill though as we descend for 1 ½ hours through the forest. We have some great mountain views on our way down into our camp at Hille Bhanjyang.


Day 06: Trek to Narsim Pati [3700m]
Today we only have about 4 hours of walking. So we take it easy on the steep uphill section to start the day, taking about an hour. Then we enjoy the gradual descent of about 3 hours through rocky hills and rhododendron forest into camp at Narsim Pati. There is a small rest house for pilgrims on their way to the holy site of Panch Pokhari and we have great mountain views from our campsite.


Day 07: Trek to Panch Pokhari [4100m]
Today we arrive! We have about 3 hours of gradual ascent through rocky hills to reach our destination of Panch Pokhari . This stunning setting is a secluded pilgrimage site where the Janaipurnima festival is held in August. Many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit this site each year and we can see two pilgrim houses and the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Day 08: Trek to Panch Pokhari top, trek to Tupi Danda [2320m]
This morning we have an early start to catch a stunning sunrise over the mountains! We have about 1 ½ hours uphill to see the beautiful sight of the sun rising over the Himalayas and our panoramic view includes Mt.Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal Range, Rolwaling Range and Langtang Range. After this incredible start to the morning, we head back down to Panch Pokhari to pack up and start heading for home. We have about six hours down some steep trails through the rhododendron forest to Tupi Danda (danda means ‘ridge’) and our camp.

Day 09: Trek  to Dhap [1200m]

Today we have about 5 hours of walking, it’s a quite steep downhill and plain walk as we make our              way through terraced fields to the beautiful village of Dhap. Dhap is home to Tamang families and is        gives us a great chance to gain some insight into the lives, culture and traditional architecture of                Tamang villages.


Day10: Rest day and explore the culture ( Dhap).


Day 11: Trek to Melamchi [800m]
Today we have about 6 hours of walking. We walk down through terraced fields, along the Indrawati River. We pass through stunning villages and also see a hydro electricity project on the way to Tipini and our re-introduction to a road. Melamchi Pul Bazaar which lies at the bank of Melamchi River and Indrawati River is comparatively a big town in this area. There are some lodges, tea shops, government offices, schools, colleges, post office and army police camp. We will camp by the riverside and if you like you can refresh yourself with a dip in the river.


Day 12: Melamchi to Kathmandu
Today we get back on four wheels and enjoy our five hour scenic drive back to Kathmandu

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