Luxury tours:

People barely believe we can have luxury tours in Nepal. If you have very short time but still want to experience the thrill of Himalayas. Here we provide you excellent services to feel the mountainous terrain and snowy peaks including tallest of all.

Mountain flights are scheduled flights operating for close- encounter with one of the tallest mountains in the world. Flights usually fly around the Mount Everest and other many peaks. You will have panoramic view of stunning Himalayas and breathtaking landscapes. It is one of the easier ways to see mountains. A person who doesn’t have enough time and have difficulties on trekking, can still feel the thrilling picture of Himalayas.

Most of the flights are in the mornings and operate at all times except in the monsoon seasons of June, July and August. Most of the airlines in Nepal offer various forms of mountain flights. This unique experience gives visitors a close camera range of Himalayas.

Unlike Mountain flights, Helicopter tours are much more flexible in terms of time. Mostly, these tours are unscheduled and can book for anytime in favourable weather conditions. Helicopter tours are regarded as luxury holiday trips especially people who loves mountains, hilly landscapes, and breathtaking wilderness of Nepal. There are still many beautiful and unexplored places which are completely or partly cut off from human settlements. You will have fascinating and breathtaking experience of eastern Himalayan ranges to western Himalayan ranges. The aerial view of rivers, mountains, forest, unique Nepalese settlements and agricultural lands can be seen in single aerial photo frame.

Here are some popular helicopter tours destinations in Nepal.

  1. Everest view Helicopter tour
  2. Langtang valley helicopter tour
  3. Annapurna base camp helicopter tour
  4. Chitwan wildlife tour
  5. Rara Tour
  6. Bardiya National park tour
  7. Muktinth helicopter tour
  8. Mustang helicopter tour

Nepal is one of thrilling destinations for four wheel drive adventures. The kind of landscape makes your four wheels drive exciting and memorable for lifelong. Most of the roads in Nepal are muddy, rocky, dusty and rough in nature, which test your driving skills and temperaments. Even experienced driver cannot hold their nerves while driving through cliffs, banks of rivers and off roads of Nepal. We take you to rocky mountain roads to plain black topped roads. You will have amazing view of snowy mountains to the plain paddy fields. This includes best of the best four wheels drive tracks. For Example, driving in and around the Kathmandu valley, driving to Annapurna region, explore the jungles of Chitwan National Park, drive in highways of Nepal, explore Bandipur a hilly town to Pokhara a city of lakes, drive to birthplace of  lord Budhdhha, explore western highways and off roads including drive to Rara lake one of the biggest in Nepal.

Motorbike is easiest and popular ways of transportation in Nepal. Almost every household in cities even in villages have motorbike to ride. Hence, we have motorbike tracks almost everywhere from mountains to plain lands. We organise your best motorbike tours in Nepal. You will have riding experience in mountainous terrain to the low lands of paddy fields. The thrill of riding motorbikes in upper mustang is indescribable and lifelong experience for motorbike riders.

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